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Of course, while there’re women who get flustered when they’re caught looking at people they’re interested in, there are also those who’re considerably more open about conveying their interest.prefer to be the approached rather than the approacher.This is why you want to look for a particular form of eye-contact: the three-part glance.A woman who’s interested in you will often meet your eyes, look away (usually down or to the side), then look back again, usually with a smile.

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or she might be trying to figure out why you remind her of that friend she hasn’t seen in years, especially if she’s got the “I’m trying to do do complex math” look instead of a smile.So what do these more obvious approach invitations look like?The most direct – and forward – version is the classic “elevator look”.Another common sign of interest – one that frequently precedes other approach invitations – involves her torso.To start with, someone who’s open to being approached is going to have more “open” body language.They may also do something to bring your attention to their mouth – touching their lip with a finger or biting their lip.

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