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In 1915, the government expelled thousands of Jews from the Empire's border areas.

pogroms continued to be perpetrated on Ukrainian territory.

When part of the Russian Empire in 1911 to 1913, the antisemitic attitudes can be seen in the number of blood libel cases.A radically different movement was started by Jacob Frank in the middle of the 18th century.Frank's teachings were extremely unorthodox (such as purification through transgression, as well as adoption of elements of Christianity), and he was excommunicated along with his numerous followers. were hindered when the main territory of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was annexed during the partitions of Poland.The term became common after a wave of large-scale anti-Jewish violence swept southern Russian Empire, including Ukraine, between 1881–1884, after Jews were blamed for the assassination of Alexander II.In May 1882, Alexander III of Russia introduced temporary regulations called May Laws that stayed in effect for more than thirty years, until 1917.Systematic policies of discrimination, strict quotas on the number of Jews allowed to obtain education and professions caused widespread poverty and mass emigration.

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