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She has also appeared in the music video for The Vaccines’ single “I Always Knew.” Dree Hemingway said her ideal role would be a Tim Burton fantasy-fairy role.

Related: 30 Hottest Women from New York A few tidbits: Dree said, “A beach in general, is my favorite thing.” She doesn’t have any tattoos and said, “I live vicariously through my sister, Langley, who has many.” She added, “I love dancing by myself in my apartment and cleaning at the same time.

Cleaning is my favorite thing to do: sweeping and mopping.” Dree Hemingway lives in New York City.

Back in the fall, we sat down with model Dree Hemingway to talk about her latest project as the spokesperson for Chloé’s Fleur de Parfum fragrance. I spent a lot of time sitting, staring, and observing. I think if you’re happy, you can decrease the aging process.

Recovering from an eating disorder was a long process for Mariel Hemingway – one that helped her to realize that the issue was deeply ingrained in her family.

She says her father, Jack, and grandfather, Ernest, both had their own preoccupations with eating and exercise.

She said her parents “kept me in the dark [about Hollywood] which was really nice.

A person doesn’t need to look airbrushed walking around on the street. The minute I get to be myself, it’s refreshing to just be like, “This is me.” FM: Do you feel like you’re playing a character equally with acting and modelling?

FM: So you’re a perfectionist, is what you’re saying DH: In a way.

“I took care of myself and found my balance through really focusing on health and wellness, and meditation helped me.” But Mariel’s sister Margaux, who committed suicide in 1996, a day before the 35th anniversary of Ernest’s suicide, inherited the family obsession with being thin.

“She had such a horrible eating disorder and it was to try to be this thing she had to be in order to [model],” she says.

But when you meet the model (or even think of her, really) you think of spring. FM: Did you spend a lot of time at the beach growing up? FM: If you could bottle up any smell in the world, what would it be?

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