Who is damon wayans dating now

Daphne Wayans: It was many things, but mostly a lot of love and a lot of fun.I was 16 when I met him, and didn’t start dating him until I was 18.I like to include all of those years because we were creating a family. We’re not husband and wife for sure, but we’re definitely parents to our children.MN: Why did you two decide to split after five children? When I do these interviews people go, “what happened? I think I can speak for him to say, it’s our greatest creation in our lives. In the legal world, the paper seals the deal, but in the real world, there’s still a lot there.

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Run and Damon Wayans were too excited as hell about Ava’s birth because she was officially the very first grandchild for both of the legends.

“We’re in a great space, she said of her current relationship with Angela.

I think a few months ago [when we were filming the show] she was settling in to becoming a mom and trying to get back into work.

I learned a lot from him being that I was very young. We were together for about 13 or 14 years; 15 is an easy round number to say.

By the time we got married, I had had almost all of our children.

Source: Twitter Daphne Wayans’ presence in the spotlight is a conscious choice the ex-wife of Keenen Ivory Wayans made after purposely spending her time not being famous.

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