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The standard isn't quite up to that of the top 10 sites in this category but, other than a little jerkiness or pixallation, your chat room enjoyment won't be interrupted.Rather than toggling the screen size there's a purple circle icon that you drag in order to resize the video window, which is a nice touch.The bank and wallet feature is an interesting one as it confirms what most cam site users already know; that if you have lots of credit in your account the performer will string out the show to get as much as she can.To combat this, you can switch money from your 'wallet', which performers can see, to your 'bank', which they can't.It's also possible to enter multi-mode, where you can view a number of cam streams all on a single page.Whilst these features are handy, navigating the site more generally is a little confusing, especially when you use it for the first time.

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In case you have problems or questions there's live customer support chat in which you can chat online with a customer support representative.

In terms of other features, there are a couple worth mentioning.

It's difficult to find chat prices on the site, which is quite annoying.

The cam streaming quality can vary depending on the chat room.

Nonetheless, when you drop by you'll find that the girls here are friendly and welcoming.

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