Updating your technology knowledge

So, it proposes a typology of KM solutions present on the market that comprehends ten categories, each of which emphasizing specific KM aspects.

It also intends to identify which of the knowledge conversion processes (Nonaka and Takeuchi, 1995) is dominantly supported by each software category.

What is shared and exchanged, is it knowledge or information?

A number of knowledge management tools (Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, Business Objects, Aris Toolset, File Net, Gingo, Vigipro, Sopheon) have been checked.This paper concludes by presenting some trends in KM software development and suggesting some guidelines for the launching of KM programs supported by information technology.We can define competitive intelligence as the set of inter-related measures that aim at systematically feeding the organizational decision process with information about the organizational environment in order to make possible to learn about it, to anticipate its evolution and to take better decisions in consequence.Knowledge management (KM) intends to be an area of research and practice that deepens the understanding of knowledge processes in organizations and develops procedures and instruments to support the transformation of knowledge into economical and social progress.In fact, different aspects of these issues have been studied for decades, in many different disciplines, through many different filters, as R&D and innovation management, information systems management, information science, computer science, library studies, innovation economics, science and technology social studies, epistemology and many others.The intelligence of knowledge workers is said to have become the fuel of organizational growth.

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