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They will always make sure that you have a good experience using their product and will go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied.All of these excellent features make Holdem Manager one of the best poker tracking and analysis programs available today.You can also find spots where you are not extracting enough value and learn how to maximize your wins.The default screen that most players will use most is the “Reports” tab in the cash game section. Holdem Manager comes with a variety of default reports which will provide all of the most important information in a manner that is easy for beginners to access.Holdem Manager is a piece of poker tracking and analysis software.

While somewhat intimidating at first use, Holdem Manager is well organized and presented in a rather intuitive fashion.

Even if I really prefer playing live (because a like seeing other players in order to "read them" and I like to be seen to add some acting to my bluffs), I am also sometimes playing online.

The problem of online poker is that most frequent players have a poker tracker that helps them to detect weaknesses and strengths of their game and of their opponents games.

So, if you don't have one, other players have a big advantage...

I bought Hold'em Poker Manager 2 and I really think this is a profitable investment if you are playing real money.

For example, if you would like to identify loose players more easily you can customize the HUD so that any player with a VPIP (voluntarily put money in pot) of 50% will have their name displayed in bright green.

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