Updating estimates of the economic costs of alcohol abuse


Government officials in West Virginia used millions of federal taxpayer dollars to purchase 1,064 high-capacity Internet routers to increase broadband access throughout the state.Each router cost ,600 for a total of million and were paid for with federal stimulus dollars.The 2012 Hawaii Chocolate Festival will highlight the culinary talents and products specifically linked to Hawaii‘s chocolate industry.

Residents are required to stake a six-mile hovercraft ride to reach the airstrip, which is located on a nearby island.However, there are no airlines currently serving the airport.Nearly ,000 in federal money was awarded in 2011 to the Hawaii Department of Agriculture to help support the Hawaiian cacao industry and provide outreach during the 2nd annual Hawaiian Chocolate Festival.IFAMA’s report intends to boost the perception of the industry by giving information on how many jobs it creates in the state.Yet in Idaho the firearms and accessories industry already supports thousands of jobs.Additionally, its investigation revealed 7,236 people in these states are receiving duplicate benefits, while 286 are on state lists that should exclude them from receiving food stamps.

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