Updating cancels in eq2


This is the main reason why Swain can become really scary, especially when fed: the options for the opponent start thinning out, since at both long and close range you can setup for a lot of damage.

Early game, this combo isn't as dangerous as late game, where you have amassed enough AP to seriously damage most enemy champions.

The greater Quintessence is there for obvious reasons (damage), plus you have pretty decent scalings on full damage Q, E and W is also decent.

All AP scallings are also indirectly improved against the target hit by torment ( 20% damage).

Still, the idea is really simple: as soon as you hit W, you pop on R, throw a Q and an E and move to your target's side, making sure that your ult still damages them if they try to get away.

During your early lanephase, this combo is only recommended when your target lost at least 1/3 HP, since it'll most likely force them out of lane or, at least, put them at bay with a potion regenerating the damage you caused.

can take a lot of punishment and dish out a lot of damage.

In fact, Ro A is one of the most cost-effective items in the game because of its scalling, although not all champions use it as effectively as since they don't require or use all the stats well. In my opinion, it's really underwhelming: sure, it adds damage and potentiates W and Q setup, but on the other hand it also means the enemy laner can see these abilities coming from a mile away and have more time to properly react/dodge.Check the matchups list to guide yourself through picks.Just remember that counterpicking doesn't mean you win automatically, so make sure to play strategically!When they move out, pop your ult off and regenerate some mana with your passive.If they're at 1/2HP, don't be afraid to commit and kill them (adding .against people who are already weary of your damage: they'll generally try to run FROM you (often with weird angles to facilitate dodging your Ao E snare), which means you can push them into choke points, like a tower, to get an easy W.

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