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For those living in the UAE a special licence must be obtained before purchasing alcohol from the exclusive, specialised, licensed stores. It does not give any immunity for alcohol related criminal offences.

It is an offence to carry alcohol in your car if you do not hold the special alcohol licence. The UAE has a zero-tolerance policy towards drinking and driving.

Dubai and the UAE has very strict drug/medication laws and even certain over the counter medicines especially those with codeine are forbidden, even for personal use unless with a specific doctor’s prescription about the period of use.

Checking the banned substances list from the local consulate or your embassy is also helpful for peace of mind.

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Always remember that you are in a different country with a different cultural and belief system to the majority of westerners, we can seem as strange to them as they might sometimes appear to us.

Dubai is a fabulous country who’s people are some of the most genuine, hospitable and courteous you will every be likely to encounter anywhere in the world.

But this is not the US nor Europe, this is the UAE steeped in centuries of tradition and devout religious following.

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Respect the laws and values of the country and your stay should be an extremely enjoyable one!

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