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We can all flirt and have fun and enjoy a good conversation without crossing lines and when the lines are crossed the rules need to be enforced and the Mods and assts need to know they have the support of those present to deal with the situation even if it gets to the point of having to kick the member temporarily.they arent there to be meanies they are there to keep the peace and make chat as much fun as a possible without making people feel uncomfortable.I also like to engage in conversation(hot topics ;:-) over drinks, a walk on the beach, etc. However, I do feel the best way to break the ice is to get naked...I totally agree with each and everyone who has posted (thanks hogan for starting it) we all needs to work together to keep things in chat within the all have to agree to those rules before we enter the lobby but not everyone reads them as closely as they should when they are coming in for the first time or even those who have been here foe a while can get a little lax we can all have fun and stay within a boundary that is set in order to make it fun but relatively clean.BDSM Chatters has hundreds of completely free adult chat rooms where you can meet other BDSM and Bondage fans.There are adult themed rooms for almost every imaginable fetish you can think of, however if we do not have the kink or fetish you are looking for, simply create your own room for free.

However your conversations and favorites will not be transfered!We are looking for a down to earth bi female in the Knoxville area.We are willing to go a little outside of city lines.Our pics are all rated so maybe its better to say in the rules we agree to before entering chat that only those pics with G rating can be displayed otherwise we may find a lot of people either wont come into chat at all or will severaly limit the time they are there due to the pics and kids issues...just a thought Mommy/Boy Role Play Hello all, would really love to chat to others who love this sexy type of fun. Cum lets get naked and go for it/Perfer 30-55 older if in shape. My fantasy is to be gangbanged by several athetic studs and be their sex slave.TBisexual Men Getting Fucked Tiffin, Ohio Love to find a bi guy to totally endulge in versitle sex. Think redheads are wxceptionally sexy but all guys are. Anyhow, you guys seem totally cool and your profile rocks.

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