Tom brady dating gisele


Having grown up with three of them, Tom Brady knows the value of having a sister — and is thrilled for his sons that they get to experience it.

“I think it’s great for my boys to have a girl in the house,” the father of two sons and a newborn daughter, Vivian Lake, tells ESPN.

Gisele Bundchen rushed to her husband's side after his disappointing loss in Super Bowl LII on Sunday, while graciously congratulating members of the winning Eagles squad. But when a fumble by Brady in the final seconds of the game ended all chances of a Patriots comeback, Bundchen brought the kids downstairs to meet their father the second he came off the field.

The former Victoria's Secret model sipped red wine while she watched the game with their three children from a box at U. A USA Today Sports reporter who was in the tunnel when the losing Patriots team came off the field says the couple's two youngest kids - five-year-old Vivian and eight-year-old Benjamin - were so distraught at their father's loss that they started to cry.

I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times,' she said at the time.

Those comments came back to bite Bundchen on Sunday, when her husband dropped a pass in a trick play in the second quarter.

He was also criticized for his post-game press conference, where he attributed the Eagles' win to 'a good play at the right time'.Social media exploded with posts referencing Bunchen's comments.'Gisele is right...apparently her husband can't catch the ball,' a Twitter user named Ralph wrote.A few minutes later, Brady walked off the field to cheers of 'Daddy! Brady then walked over to his family and got down on one knee to speak to his kids.On Monday, Bundchen posted a picture of the moment she and an emotional Brady embraced when he walked off the field.After 20 consecutive Patriots victories, the New York Giants narrowly topped Bill Belichick's team to win one of the most dramatic Super Bowls in league history. They were, however, the most fascinating and compelling football team of the 21st century.

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