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Mr Hulbert said one senior colleague assured others that Floyd was “a simple person who could not possibly conceal a double loyalty.” Mr Hulbert added it was not entirely clear why Floyd then confessed about a year later to passing what he insisted had been “very low-grade” secrets to the Russians between 19.One possibility seems to have been that in the hue and cry following the Burgess and Maclean defections, Floyd feared that Russian agents – who had approached him in Belgrade – might abduct him and take him to the “safety” of Moscow.journalist spied for Communist Russia, it has been alleged.

Having been 'teased as a teenager' for his attraction to girls who 'the average (basic) bro might refer to as ‘chubby’,' Robbie has now become a 'man' and is OK with a woman who 'fills out every inch of her jeans' and 'won't be the one on the cover of here's just one problem.Floyd, by now based in Belgrade in what was then communist Yugoslavia, was investigated, but, perhaps incredibly, cleared.His student radicalism was reportedly dismissed as “youthful indiscretion”.While at Oxford, Mr Hulbert said, Floyd met Arthur Wynn, who would go on to have a distinguished civil service career but would be unmasked, after his death, as KGB “Agent Scott”, the man who recruited Oxford students as Soviet spies.Floyd married Joan Dabbs, a fellow Oxford communist, in 1939, but he was still sent to Moscow in 1944 as a translator for the wartime British military mission to the Russian capital.There is also an indication that he was frightened that the Russians might kidnap him.” The documents also say Floyd may have become disillusioned with communism and “sincerely repentant”.

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