Ten worse dating websites

If you were to ask most guys, it would rank pretty high up on the list of pet  peeves, because it makes them feel like there are obstacles to winning your heart they don’t know about – something they (rightfully) say is unfair.

“Oh, I have my Prince Charming in mind,” they say, but few have considered the characteristics of their dream guy – he is more of a general idea than a specific wish – and, thus, they end up going out with one pretender after another.Express Some Gratitude for His Courtesy We hear it over and over again: “Chivalry is dead! What you must do, in order to ensure it continues, is say thanks.Yes, he ought to treat you like the prize you are at every turn, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be grateful when he does.These dirtballs are, thankfully, easy to spot most of the time. Well, pay attention to how deeply he gets involved with you conversation-wise.Does he ask questions to learn more about who you are or is he just a vacant stare waiting for you to finish talking so he can mention how good you look again? There are still many men who will open doors for you – as they should – and generally behave as upright gentlemen during the dating process.Learn His Goals and Dreams Ladies want a man who is driven to achieve in whatever his chosen field is.

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