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Ironically, after a while, Doc Love began focusing more on empowering himself to control his own male students and impose on them his unstated interests: excessive obsession with "Aristotelian" logic of Ayn Rand makes their systems for love and life impractical.

Challenge is defined as "allowing the woman to do the pursuing".One example is "closing the deal" with a woman by getting her home phone number.He teaches his students to assess a woman's Interest Level by placing more importance on her actions than what she says. Doc Love emphasizes the importance of looking only at the female Interest Level.Do I fight fire with fire, ignore the issue, or take it up directly with David? In fact, the chapter on Blockers has received special attention recently, but I’m still puzzled.A lot of people criticize you for being too harsh, but I respect that you tell us guys straight out how it is with women, and a lot of men need to wake up and follow your directions.He also writes a free weekly column, which is published on Ask among other websites, and conducts a radio talk show with his sidekick Jeff Biletnikoff, which addresses callers' questions on women and dating. The philosophy he advocates for dating is called "The System", which is laid out in his book, "The System: The Dating Dictionary." The primary concept in his teachings is for a man to be a challenge to the woman he is interested in.

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