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Marsh remarked that the subject matter of the songs fulfilled the hype that previously surrounded Springsteen: "What they've always said was that someday Bruce Springsteen would make rock & roll that would shake men's souls and make them question the direction of their lives.

That would do, in short, all the marvelous things rock had always promised to do." Robert Christgau was less enthusiastic in The Village Voice.

These characters tend strongly to be female rather than male, as a result of a few different gender stereotypes.In a retrospective review for All Music, William Ruhlmann said that Springsteen began to fully realize his characters as working class on Darkness on the Edge of Town, whose "hard truths in hard rock settings" made for a less accessible work than Born to Run.The 6-disc set includes 3 CDs and 3 DVD or Blu-ray discs.Other songs such as "Independence Day", "Point Blank", "The Ties That Bind", and "Sherry Darling" would turn up on Springsteen's next album, The River, while still others became bootleg classics until surfacing on Springsteen's compilations titled Tracks, 18 Tracks, and The Promise.In a contemporary review for Rolling Stone, Dave Marsh viewed Darkness on the Edge of Town as a landmark record in rock and roll because of the clarity of its production, Springsteen's unique guitar playing, and the programming, which he said connected the characters and themes in a subtle yet cohesive manner.On August 4, 2010, it was announced that Springsteen was putting the finishing touches to the box set.

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