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Unicorn - "ruler of waters, its horn helps detect poison in the water and neutralize it.

Do astrologists unicorn - it is mercury, a lion - sulfur.

As the owner of purity, chastity and virginity, Unicorn is the emblem of the Virgin Mary.

Some believe the unicorn really existed, but no evidence has ever been found.It symbolizes gentleness, kindness, good will, pleasure, longevity, grandeur, good governance, renowned offspring.Horn of a unicorn is a happy prophecy for the emperor. In Christianity, Christ - is "horn of salvation." Horn, as an antidote, it symbolizes Christ's ability shrive; the unity of Christ and God the Father, and Christ as the only son of God.Let’s start with the head, carefully draw out the eye, ears, nose and mouth.Recall that starting with this step we use clear and dark lines.Here we do the same actions but this time with the hind legs, that is, erase all unnecessary additional lines from the legs and carefully draw them, making the lines clear and beautiful. This is a very simple step in which we need to draw the long and swanky tail of our unicorn.

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