Spain dating customs


Mainly because not a lot of Spaniards speak another language and they might be afraid of getting into a difficult situation.

They will try to speak about what they know, just to be friendly.

meetings with clients) to avoid appearing too serious.

In general, a Canadian can feel more comfortable in Spain about telling a joke or a funny story without being overly concerned with political correctness.

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Spanish culture is very welcoming and wants to make sure the visitor feels comfortable among us.

In Spain there is a mixture of a lack of self-confidence as a well-managed first world country, and a pride of our culture and style of life.

Spaniards might tend to be distant until they feel comfortable with the visitor.

The Spanish are much more likely to use humour to start and introduction, even for introductions in the workplace.

There is a general conception that some humour or casual conversation should precede any serious discussions (eg.

They usually act out the event they are explaining or reproduce scenarios or voices.

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