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They would start with the hardest and heaviest and work towards the lightest exercises.Chest Exercises: Flat Barbell Bench Press / Incline Barbell Bench Press / Dips / Chest Flyes / Dumbbell Pullovers Back Exercises: Pullups / Chinups / Bent Rows / T-Bar Rows / Deadlifts Shoulder Exercises: Military Press / Behind the Neck Press / Dumbbell Overhead Press (Arnold/Scott Press) / Front Dumbbell Raises / Side Dumbbell Raises Biceps Exercises: Barbell Curls / Dumbbell Curls / Incline Dumbbell Curls / Concentration Curls Triceps Exercises: Standing French Press / Skullcrushers / Close Grip Bench Press / Cable Pulldowns / Cable Pushdowns Leg Exercises: Squats / Hack Squats / Leg Press / Leg Extensions / Leg Curls Abdominal Exercises: Situps / Rope Crunches Calf Exercises: Standing Calf Raises / Donkey Calf Raises / Seated Calf Raises Forearm Exercises: Seated Barbell Wrist Curls/ Reverse Barbell Wrist Curls / Behind the Back Barbell Wrist Curls / Hammer Curls / Reverse Barbell Curls Neck exercises: Wrestlers Bridges / Neck Curls / Neck Harness Curls This is a sample workout routine that can be used to get started on the Old School 70's Bodybuilding Routine: CHEST: Flat Barbell Bench Press – 5 sets / 1-12 reps per set Incline Bench Press – 5 Sets / 5-12 reps per set Flat Bench Dumbbell Flyes – 5 Sets / 8-12 reps per set BACK: Chinups – As many sets as it takes to complete 50 Chinups Bent Rows – 5 Sets / 8-12 reps per set T-Bar Rows – 5 Sets / 8-12 reps per set : The rep scheme should fall between 5-12 reps per set, depending on how heavy the weight is, with 8 reps being ideal.The Biceps and Triceps exercises should be performed with 8-12 reps per set.

The seventies bodybuilders would typically start their routine with abdominal or calf work (if needed).

In this article we will take a look at the 70's bodybuilding workout routine – and how the 70's bodybuilders achieved their near perfect physiques.

Current bodybuilders look like pregnant cows with zero bodyfat, in other words, they look absolutely ridiculous.

Start the Barbell Press with light weight and move up in weight with each set until you are hitting about 5 reps.

The Arnold/Scott Press and the Lateral DB Raises should be performed with 8-12 reps per set.

It is for the reader to determined his choice of exercises and rep scheme (the amount of reps you will do per set).

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