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Whether spoken or unspoken, many of us have attempted to have this conversation to only be met with surface level analysis that treats race as a monolith with no understanding of how one can fight for their own people while loving the race they are seemingly ‘fighting’ against.

A woman who consistently spoke out about police brutality against black men in America and uses her platform and voice to push social justice issues to a larger stage in an effort to make a greater impact on her community.The widespread notion that black male sexuality posed a threat to white women could and did get African American men lynched during slavery and afterward.Yet this history isn’t typically exploited to accuse black men who wed interracially of betraying black women.“You want to twerk for black men and marry white ones, cool.You want to lie down with those who raped, beat and separated your ancestors?In the rush to paint Williams as a race traitor, her critics have focused more on her fiance’s skin color than his actual ethnic heritage.

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