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Anybody interested please let me know yes they are free to a good home, theres two sturgeon about 3 and 4 foot long and two sterlets about 3 foot long all lovely fish but far to big for my mates pond, he has had them for well over ten years but needs to move them on to a bigger pond now.

I have a sanke with hikui, see the orange marks in the picture.

ive got a friend whose got four sturgeon he needs to find a new home for.

He has had them for several years and they are way to big for his pond, he lives in walsall wood.

Make sure before you do it everything you need is to hand and ready to go.

Aim for 10 mins max to do the procedure if you can then get them back in fresh water Sent from my i Phone using Tapatalk I have a sanke with hikui, see the orange marks in the picture.

After thinking it was carp pox for ages we came across hikui online and we're pretty sure that's what it is.

The koi will slowly lose its balance and basically is asleep.

Make sure you rinse off the HP once it's stopped bleeding and always dab dry, don't rub and don't use cotton wool as the fibres will stick. Sent from my i Phone using Tapatalk Basically all you are doing is scraping away the affected tissue. Mine had it really bad but it didn't seem to bother it.

Use the blunt side of a scalpel blade to scrape it off.

Would everyone use the method explained here: Hikui or something else? Thanks guys for the sedation advice, and Laura for treatment.

I've not sedated any of my fish before so I'm a little nervous about this part. I've heard about using propolis for hikui, any thoughts?

it should take between 3 - 5 minutes for a fish to go under.

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