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As part of the deal, 7-11 agrees to let Rob convert a local 7-11 into a Dyrdek themed store.

Rob and Drama look back on some of their favorite scenes from Season 3, share some bonus scenes that didn't make it into the episodes, and take a look at some behind-the-scenes moments with the Fantasy Factory crew.

Although he has never surfed before, Rob decides it's time to up his "man level" by taking on a big wave.

Joining them on their Manventure is super-athlete and legendary skateboarder, Danny Way.

The following is an episode list for the MTV reality television series Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory. He creates a video entitled "Gymkhana 2.1" with professional rally driver Ken Block.

The show follows the lives of professional skateboarder Rob Dyrdek, his cousin Drama, and the staff of The Fantasy Factory. He nicknames himself "Bolt Speedman" and nicknames his horse "Megahorse" in honor of his old mini horse, and together, they participate in a race. The Fantasy Factory crew also takes an IQ test to see who is the smartest in the Factory.

Panasonic sponsors Rob's charity for his jingle and his charity raises a large amount of money.

The season ends with a bang when celebrities visit Rob's benefit and the after party.

When Rob discovers that Drama is planning to get a full mouth of veneers, he begins a mission to convert his cousin into a "perfect ten in the form of a man," a full fledged "Man Dime." He enlists the help of Big Black to get Drama hair extensions, a spray tan, and a full body waxing, all in preparation for a modeling photo shoot in the factory.

Featuring archival/never before seen clips from Rob & Big and Fantasy Factory and the DC Video that started his television career.

Note: This was billed as a special bonus episode not part of the main season.

To help Big Cat with his awkwardness, Rob brings in a specialist and organizes an Awkward Intervention with everyone at the Fantasy Factory.

Rob also signs a deal with 7-11 to build another Safe Spot Skate Spot in a park in North Hollywood.

Drama wants a studio to help himself become a producer. The IQ tests result in: Geoff Taylor - 116, Tracy Tubera - 107, Chelsea "Chanel" Dudley - 94, Scott "Big Cat" Pfaff - 126, Tony Turbo - 100, Christopher "Drama" Pfaff - 113, Jeremy Larner - 118, and Rob Dyrdek - 101.

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