Russell simmons dating flaviana matata how to become more confident in dating


Last weekend news were on social media and blogs about Matata's engagement after the former Miss Universe finalist posted a photo with engagement ring on Instagram without showing the face of her husband to be.

Till now even many of her fans don't know the guy but yesterday though the source didn't give more info but you will get soon write here.

“We believe when you give child an education, nothing beats that,” says Matata.

A phone message left for Ross' attorney, Mike Shannon, also was not returned. Left, said immigration officials began investigating in 2007 after Klinko mentioned the marriage during a lawsuit he filed in New York.

“He’s trying to make this world a better place for everybody,” she says.

Matata lauds the industry’s ability to give back to Tanzania, a diamond producing country, adding: “It’s good that we have the support for what we are doing out there.” The foundation’s small team and minimal operational costs allows money to flow directly to the kids, says Matata.

Apart from that, Flaviana posted the photo below of her man showing that one reason why she loved him is because he knows how to cook "I do love a man who can cook" .

For model Flaviana Matata, being crowned Miss Universe Tanzania and enjoying a successful international career just wasn’t enough.

Going back to her roots, Matata founded the Flaviana Matata Foundation (FMF) in 2011, a grassroots non-governmental organization (NGO) that provides financial and material support to underprivileged girls in Tanzania.

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