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As a poetry lover, I often turn to verse when I'm happy, sad, or just want to feel comforted by the beauty of words.

But I agree with Woolf's quote here that talking to your best friend beats anything else for lifting the burdens of your life.

Rather than focusing on how long you've been friends with someone, think about what you've learned from them instead.

Zig Ziglar Why is it when we need friends the most, we can't find them?

There are many friendship lessons we can take away from this relationship, and I get the feeling that if it all ended tomorrow, they would still be friends and enjoying the best of every moment.

This quote from Oprah reminds me just how difficult it is to find friends who want you for .

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If you're desperate to have friends, you will behave in a way that is different than if you're out to be friendly and helpful.Marlene Dietrich You certainly can't call up your casual acquaintances at four in the morning!If you're calling someone at that time of the day, you probably have a lot on your mind and might even be in trouble.More often than not, friendships need time to develop.You need to see each other in a different set of circumstances over a long period of time to really get to know them.These types of saying are great for posting on your Facebook wall, writing down in a note, or just reading for inspiration when you and a friend are going through a rough time.

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