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Some even say that dogs that resemble the today’s breed have been spotted in Tibet, because there are some mentions in Chinese written documents dating back from 1121 BC.The Great Danes may have had been spread through the world by the Assyrian people and after that Romans and Greeks combined them with other breeds which resulted in the ancestors of the today Mastiffs.The most famous Great Danes are probably Scooby-Doo, and Einstein the main character in a Disney’s film Oliver & Company.This breed has also been the state dog of Pennsylvania since 1965.He is easy to train, eager to please, sweet, affectionate and good-natured.It is interesting that most (even mature) Great Danes love sitting on their owners’ laps.

When it comes to females, they are smaller, 28-32 “ tall and they weigh around 120 pounds.

He is not a noisy dog who would bark and grown without any reason and he can be very quiet indoors.

He is also not suited to be kept as a guard dog even though his appearance is enough to keep intruders from walking in.

The Great Dane is a very old breed, cultivated as a distinct type for probably 400 years, if not longer.

The breed has a different name according to the region you’re in: for example in France it’s called the .

It was called a After that, this dog breed was bred in the courts of German nobility and they were used for hunting bears, boars and deer.

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