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One of my favorites is this, from the old Otherkin Resource Center webpage (now defunct): Main entry: oth•er•kin 1 : one who identifies with various mythological archetype as vehicles of spiritual evolution and self-expression, similar to Native totemism only with a stronger level of self-identification.2 : someone who believes in reincarnation, and that not all of their reincarnations were as a human.A lot has already been written on this subject in the community, and the related question “What kind of kin am I? Get a feel for the ones that seem genuine and clueful. And you can resonate with elements of fiction just as easily as you can resonate with genuine accounts of nonhuman experiences or memories.” But, quite frankly, I think most of it is bullshit. At the very worst, you’ll be told to look at a checklist of supposedly otherkin traits and see how many you match up against or to get someone to take a look at you on the astral. Read what they have to say about themselves, their experiences, their memories. There’s nothing shameful in not being otherkin, and frankly it may make your life easier if you’re not one. I resonate strongly with the Minbari of Babylon 5, with the Taelons of Earth Final Conflict, and with the Tayledras of Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar series.Even if you’re looking for a real-life, face-to-face meeting the internet is probably the best place to arrange it.Below is a non-comprehensive listing of major places to meet otherkin online. Kin Frontiers: Originally the “advanced” discussion section for a trio of otherkin-themed lists, this list hosts general otherkin discussions at this point.None of the answers given to this question are all that useful, in my opinion. See if anything strikes a chord for you, if anything “resonates”. All three of these groups are fictional, and I do not believe that I was or am any of them.But each of them has qualities that remind me of my elven life. If you find something you resonate with, explore it.

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That’s the only 100% accurate definition of the word otherkin. Resonance means there’s an affinity there, but it doesn’t tell you a thing about the nature of that affinity.

That’s how you’ll figure out if you’re otherkin, and if so what kind(s) of kin you are.

Because when you find the right ones, there won’t be the feeling of alienness.

Another method of defining the term otherkin is to look at the word literally: otherkin are “kin to the other”.

I’ve written an extensive essay on that interpretation of the term, which may be found here. Most of the popular ones can be found in the other FAQs referenced in the Additional Resources section of this FAQ.

For instance, while there are elements of the history, language, and culture of Tulari elves which resonate with me there are many other aspects which feel completely alien.

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