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To visit Myanmar is to pour money into government pockets and to legitimise the campaign of violence. In a month-long backpacking trip, I met under a dozen other travellers.

The country seemed almost completely empty of backpackers and I couldn’t understand why – Myanmar was the most incredible place I had ever been at the time.

Most backpackers flying into the country start their adventure in Yangon but you can also fly into Mandalay (which puts you closer to Bagan) if you’re coming from Thailand.Visas typically cost around fifty dollars and are valid for thirty days.They can be overstayed by 14 days at a charge of three dollars per day plus an additional admin fee.If you are bringing in cash, you need perfect US dollars or Euros.As of February 2017, the current rate of exchange is between 1330 – 1400 MKK to the USD.The roads here are reportedly rough, and in bad weather conditions, overland travel to Myeik may not always be possible.

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