Mobile dating gps


If you're at a music concert, for instance, you can create a note.Then if your friends approach your location, they're notified on their phone.Younger mobile users have moved well beyond voice when it comes to their phones, he said.

Whether you’re looking for a casual fling, true love, an international love affair, or even a threesome, these innovative dating apps will help you find your perfect match.

The phenomenon, also known as "mobile romance," already has arrived in China, home to some 430 million mobile phone users.

Most Chinese wireless service providers offer dating services to drive text message usage, which in turn creates revenue, according to Liu Bin, an analyst with BDA China Ltd., a Beijing-based telecommunications consulting firm.

But younger generations more comfortable with newer technologies could change how people connect.

The attitude of today's youth toward cell phones and technology is vastly different from that of adults, said Charles Golvin, an analyst with Forrester Research.

The following list includes five geo-location apps for romance-seekers on the go.

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