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Two guys came in together and somehow decided they'd each go after one of us, and neither of us was feeling it.

We ended up exchanging numbers and texting to complain about their unwanted advances, then we texted well into the next day, and now we're friends almost two years later!

But if you commit yourself to having fun even if you don't, you'll be wasting far less time than you'd waste scrolling through Ok Cupid profiles.

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The activity provides endless conversation starters: "What will you be singing? " It also provides endless opportunities to dance if you're with the right crowd.Be honest: Have you ever sat at a bar with a bunch of people around you, opened up Tinder or another dating app, and started swiping left and right in response to pictures of people nowhere near you?A lot of us have forgotten how to meet people offline.A lot of local "sports" (loosely defined) leagues are more social than competitive.I've never joined one myself, but I've heard stories of people drinking margaritas throughout kickball games, hitting the food court together after bowling, and getting into all sorts of relationship entanglements and drama. Not all bars with trivia nights require you to come with a group, and some even pair up people who enter alone.No other community does more for the safety of its members than Stitch.

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