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In reality, his date was a special agent with the attorney general's office.Baum argued that the online solicitation law violated Hatton's constitutional rights to equal protection and to present a defense in court.Although prosecutors decided not to charge three of the defendants, Kenner has yet to lose a case in court: 22 defendants have pleaded guilty without going to trial, and the other 25 cases are pending."We want to shut these people down," said Police Chief Steve Caraway, who took office in 2006 with a promise to crack down on cybercrime."We want people to know we're monitoring what goes on on the Internet," Caraway said.

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Since then, the Kenner Police Department has arrested 49 more men in a program so successful that dozens of other Louisiana law enforcement agencies are launching similar efforts.Baum said the Legislature has since rewritten the law to erase the vagueness and inconsistency he had found in it.But he said he doesn't think the changes address the constitutional issues he raised.The Louisiana attorney general's office has been operating similar undercover stings and teaching local officers the procedures since the Legislature made computer-aided solicitation a crime.Now, 128 local law enforcement agencies work under the state's high-tech crime unit, "Kenner being one of the first and one of the most dedicated," said Mike Johnson, the unit's director.He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison, according to court records.

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