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op culture site Vulture, for example, has denounced past storylines, arguing the show’s plotting is symptomatic of the “bury your gays” trend in television, in which gay characters are rarely given a happy ending.It’s true Renly was finished off by a shadow baby, Oberyn’s head imploded thanks to The Mountain, and Loras was blown up…Even the structural organisation of Westeros’ main religion, the Seven, is strikingly similar to Catholicism.Back then, any sex that wasn’t strictly procreational was forbidden, including but not limited to, sex between men. but it is pointless projecting our twentieth-century definitions onto a past where things were radically different.Should Ellaria and Yara become a couple, or just enjoy a short-lived (potentially lethal) tryst, what is important is that their sexuality does not become their defining characteristic - or worse still, a novelty factor. Hoping to meet someone special for a hot, sexual relationship or even just a quick fling?

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Up until season six, however, there was a distinct lack of lesbian characters, aside from some smutty fondling in Littlefinger’s brothel to satisfy the male clientele. ara’s sexuality was revealed shortly after her escape from the Iron Islands, where she took a quick pit stop in a brothel. This was a bit of a deviation from the books, where Theon’s elder sister Asha (the name was changed to Yara for the TV show) is romantically linked to a man, but it was a welcome one for many.

Yara’s unabashed declaration of her sexuality was refreshing and even a little funny, inverting the tired old trope of the hyper-feminine gay man.

hat rankled with some, however, was that her interest in women took on misogynistic overtones, when she smugly told younger brother Theon that she was “off to f--- the tits off of this one”.

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All in all, Game of Thrones' LGBT characters are trying to navigate a heteronormative, medieval world.

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