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People starting from minor to adult, they all love to be in the very popular social networking sites such as “Facebook” and “Twitter”. Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to Madam speaker of the House, the respected panel of adjudicators, the ever-precise timekeeper, my worthy opponents, ladies and gentlemen members of the Parliament .As the Opposition Leader, it would be my duty to refute the motion for today Internet Has Done More Harm than Good .

Social networking sites promote interaction with distant family and friends.Through the sudden rise in social networking, the question that has been called recently in concern is whether social media/networking is bad or good? Then there are those few babies that never get to make a difference in someone’s life or get to become the next president. With the amount of time people spend on the Internet, it makes people wonder whether or not we can even go one day without it.Those few babies that never even get the chance to leave their mother’s womb or better yet, they don’t... Internet addiction can be compared to many other customs of addiction, but it is becoming more noticeable as our world evolves into an advanced era of technology. They can pay their bills online and shop online, so they do not have to leave their homes.To understand a concept such as that, the explanation of globalization is essential. Globalization is the name for the process of expanding the connectivity and interdependence of... As time changes almost everyone around the world spends time using internet instead watching television these days.They seek help from internet, communicate through internet, and play games online and many more."In support of the power of Congress it is argued that lobbying is within the regulatory power of Congress, that influence upon public opinion is indirect lobbying, since public opinion affects legislation; and that therefore attempts to influence public opinion are subject to regulation by the Congress. Pornography - a lot of rapists and sexual offenders start off with pornography 2.

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