Intimidating dog breeds


But if your apartment can handle this dog’s 70 pound stature, the Chow Chow will make the perfect cuddle buddy. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Weight: 10 – 18 pounds Grooming: Medium Why they’re perfect: These happy, intelligent dogs get along with everyone, even your annoying neighbors.Unlike other small breeds, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is naturally quiet and is only prone to yapping if not properly trained.Their small size also makes them perfect for tiny studio apartments. Bull Mastiff Weight: 100 – 130 pounds Grooming: Low Why they’re perfect: Contrary to popular belief, these massive dogs are massively laid-back.Naturally quiet, calm, and yes, lazy, this dog doesn’t require much activity indoors.Unfortunately, putting a doggy detective’s hat on them doesn’t seem to help much. But I gotta, because they really are some of the most dimwitted pups you’ll ever meet. These (literally) thick-headed dogs really as dumb as they look.That doesn’t stop people from loving the breed though – in fact, it’s part of the charm.

However, as long as they get that daily walk, they’ll remain quiet and calm while inside. Sensitive to extreme temperatures and prone to breathing problems, the Pug is happiest when frolicking around indoors.

Aside from the occasional potty accident on the expensive rug and the occasionally chewed shoe, the biggest downfall of man’s best friend is that they don’t live forever.

You can have a best friend in your dog and never conceivably imagine your life without that animal, yet you haven’t a choice. Neither will you, of course, but you are going to live 6 or 7 or your dog’s lives. That’s why many people choose to do their research to find out which dog breeds live the longest.

Maybe your dog is the exception that proves the rule. If your dog is all those qualities, honestly, who cares if he’s dumber than dirt?

Or maybe you’re just a , but a lot of people (terrier lovers in particular) would strongly disagree with that.

They’re also just stocky and intimidating enough to ward off would-be thieves.

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