Intimidating dog breeds why is dating in nyc so hard


Their small size also makes them perfect for tiny studio apartments. Bull Mastiff Weight: 100 – 130 pounds Grooming: Low Why they’re perfect: Contrary to popular belief, these massive dogs are massively laid-back.

Naturally quiet, calm, and yes, lazy, this dog doesn’t require much activity indoors.

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That doesn’t stop people from loving the breed though – in fact, it’s part of the charm.

The Shih Tzu is actually a friendly and alert dog that can be the perfect pet with proper training.

Small and not very fond of the outdoors, these dogs are perfectly content with following you around the apartment all day as their daily exercise. Chow Chow Weight: 45 – 70 pounds Grooming: High Why they’re perfect: This dog, best known for its unique blue/black tongue, will spend more time on your couch than your unemployed roommate.

Naturally born lap dogs, these ancient breeds are happiest when in cool, indoor spaces or while napping at your feet.

Plus, their small size means they can feel comfortable in just about any space.

If your dog is one of these breeds, don’t get mad at me!

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