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I only judge people by their heart, personality, and how they treat me...color, age, size, height, external packaging in general are not part of that equation, IMO. Some mother's of different culture's have no problem with it. Unless your family is very forward thinking, it's just not usually worth it......... My soon to be x-wife cheated on me with a man from Baghdad; he was Arabic and very muslim. ), and my wife did everything to find him a job at an airlines.

My question to the OP is..does your woman have to be Caucasian....sounds like prejudice just in reverse to what you are accusing us of.trustedone911..color of a persons skin does not make them a "blast" to be around, it is all about personality and heart, someone to care for you, to share with you, to love you just the way you are. She even called the CIA to get his children visas to come to the US.

She even wanted to convert her religion to muslim for him... I have noticed that Indian guys don't get much love from the Caucasian women. However, the lack of assimilation also makes it more difficult for those who *wish* to be taken for "normal" (which I take to mean assimilated).

The religious issue comes into it, as does some caucasian women's hesitation at how they would be accepted by an Indian family.

This relationship lasted 4 years or longer; how do I know?

My wife is a pack-rat and when her boyfriend be-friended her she got pissed and took all her stuff out of his house and pictures and put them in my bedroom in various places, then wrote about it on some note papers at work.

The kind of woman who has problems with dating an Indian man is the same sort of woman who has problems dating an Asian guy, an African American guy, a Jewish guy, etc.

Their reasons are usually based in personal discomfort at the idea of there being an insurmountable cultural/religious divide between themselves and the man. I think it's correct, but only in the most broad and general of terms.

Maybe you bringing up this issue is also healthy for women as well, because it does bring up the question of not believing in stereotypes. Just as some men might feel about certain issue's with women.

I've worked there 8 years, and not one of them has married a caucasion woman.

So, your comment about white women being a blast seems to fit in with that.

Our communication style's seem to be similar and in general we seem to have more in common.

Also, and this is kind of a sensitive issue; please forgive me if I hurt any one's feelings.

I am sure I am not the only one to be awakened by this unsettling truth.

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