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Failure to appear or take action on a citation on or before the due date may result in the DMV placing a hold on your driver's license.A DMV hold will restrict your ability to renew your driver's license or attend traffic school.You may pay and close your citation by paying your fine with no further action necessary.To pay your fine, your citation must have been processed by the Court.THE APPEARANCE DATE AT THE BOTTOM ON YOUR TICKET IS ONLY APPLICABLE IF YOU HAVE BEEN CITED FOR A MISDEMEANOR OR FELONY.CONTACT YOUR ATTORNEY’S OFFICE IF YOU ARE REPRESENTED BY COUNSEL.A civil assessment of 0.00 (PC1214.1) will be added to any traffic fine if you fail to post bail on time or fail to appear for your scheduled court date.A hold may be placed on your driver's license (VC40508) for failure to appear.

The Court can quote bail and give you information regarding your citation by phone at (707) 445-7256 after the citation has been filed by the issuing agency and entered into the court's computers.

Traffic infractions are enforced by the issuance of traffic tickets (""citations") by law enforcement.

Punishment for such infractions include payment of fines and do not carry any potential jail or prison time and do not necessarily require a court appearance.

Other, more serious automobile related matters, such as reckless driving, driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI), and vehicular manslaughter, are either misdemeanors or felonies, carry potential jail or prison time as possible punishment, and are addressed as Criminal matters.

Fraudulent or altered documentation may be referred to the Office of the District Attorney for a full investigation and possible criminal prosecution.

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