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A Proof of Correction Fee of is payable to the Court.

You may have DMV "Sign-Off" the violation on the back of your citation or you may submit a copy of your registration, proof of your junked or dismantled vehicle or proof the vehicle has been placed in non-operational status "Non-Op'd" to the Clerk of the Court.

Traffic infractions are enforced by the issuance of traffic tickets (""citations") by law enforcement.

Punishment for such infractions include payment of fines and do not carry any potential jail or prison time and do not necessarily require a court appearance.

Please note: The Court does not accept partial payments without a signed Agreement to Pay and Forfeit Bail in Installments.

Any partial payments received by the Court for which there is no signed Agreement on file will be returned to the payee and the case may be subject to additional penalties including a 0 civil assessment.

The Foundation maintains a network of more than 28,000 Humboldtians from all disciplines in over 140 countries worldwide.

Outstanding research talents can apply for a Sofja Kovalevskaja Award valued at up to €1.65 million until 31.7.2018.The Clerk's Office may give one 30-day due date extension.Extensions will not be given after a Notice of Civil Assessment has been mailed.Once entered into the court's system, a Reminder Notice is mailed to the address listed on the citation.The Court can quote bail and give you information regarding your citation by phone at (707) 445-7256 after the citation has been filed by the issuing agency and entered into the court's computers.Failure to appear or take action on a citation on or before the due date may result in the DMV placing a hold on your driver's license.

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