Hannity dating site

SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Unlike or or Hannidate on Hannity.com, Ashley isn't just another dating Web site for singles. Now not only do they actually encourage cheating on your spouse, the company proudly acts as the vehicle to help make that happen. BIDERMAN: I think ultimately, Sean, if they are totally unhappy with their relationship and that is the avenue they need to pursue to preserve their marriage, absolutely. HANNITY: But you're assuming it preserves their marriage. I mean if you could make a lot of — BIDERMAN: It's about creating a platform. Having an affair in the workplace and risk you losing your job, that's inappropriate. Now, after disappointing displays of affection from their husbands this past Mother's Day, over 31,000 women signed up for the service the very next day. And I'm assuming that if the spouses find out that this is happening, that it's going to break up a lot of marriages. You are assisting, you're helping, you're making money off the breakup of some marriages. Let's say selling crack was legal, I wouldn't sell crack because I know it would destroy people's lives. What is so wrong with having a social network of their own? But there's people like you trying to help them get out of that vow. BILA: Let's help them find happiness in their relationship, then, the relationship that they — you know, you don't need to get married.

In other words, you might make money selling drugs, but I wouldn't want to contribute to somebody's death and demise. BIDERMAN: It's the same argument you can make and say, "Oh, divorce attorneys are profiting from divorce, and we should get rid of divorce attorneys." HANNITY: It's not the same thing. BILA: And just because you don't create something... BIDERMAN: They're going to be up for an Academy Award this year. BIDERMAN: It's not a good idea to stick your head in the sand either. "I am a man/woman seeking a man/woman." I knew that if I chose man seeking man, it would come up with an error saying that it was not possible to choose those options. But to my surprise one person popped up on the results page. It was a youngish looking kid with a spritely gaze and hazel hair. Since he's a fan of Sean, he has had to listen to tirades on the air against the homosexual agenda and at the same time come to grips with his own sexuality." I clicked on his personal ad and read it. The site told me that no personal ad gets posted until it gets approved by the site's administrators.Nothing he wrote said that he was gay and in fact it said that he was looking for a girl. I would ruin their little safe haven of their conservo-world. How were they going to react to an ad stating that I was definitely gay?Doing research on the internet for an article on the conservative media, I came across HANNIDATE and found it amusing that hard-core right wingers needed a special place to meet.I admit it's hard to see who is good-looking at a cross burning.(everyone is wearing a hood) So I clicked on the dating website and saw that there were two drop down menu options to choose from.So I wrote to him to find out if he knew that he had accidentally upon registration entered that he was looking for a man. I could register as a man seeking man and be the only gay on Hannidate. I was after all trying to place this on one of the most conservative websites.

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