Great indoor dating ideas


At the library, pick out some fascinating picture books on topics that interest you such as travel, wildlife, history or cuisine.

For an indoor option, you can either book tickets for the latest flick at a swanky movie theater or explore community cinema societies if both you and your date have more avant garde tastes.

Indoor dates are some of the most popular date ideas for varied reasons – ranging from being immune to adverse weather conditions to making for greater privacy.

So no matter what your interests or what stage of relationship you are in, here are twenty indoor date ideas for you and your partner.

Belt out a few tunes If you both like your voices as well as feet expressing your love for music, look for a nice karaoke bar and perform a duet in front of a cheering audience.

Unlike at an outdoor music concert, here you can partake of the pleasures of singing and dancing in an indoor space.

Stand-up comedy A date at your local comedy club can be yet another fun night without having to get about in the shivering night air.

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