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The styling is available from is a library which handles most of the heavy-duty coding. I'm assuming that you are all familiar with how to get a MD5 hash out of a user's email, blah, blah.

It's also available from how it works is way, way above my ability as a JS programmer. Somewhere on your HTML you where xxx MD5HASHxxx is the computed hash from the user's email and xxx SIZExxx is the image size you wish to use (you cannot leave the class out and expect the code to pick a reasonable default), while xxx TWICETHESIZExxx is twice the image size (used mostly for Retina displays).

Or, well, am I the only person in the world wanting to have working Gravatar Hovercards on my own apps?

(the answer is ; Google found at least two other people working with obscure apps which have managed to implement that, and their work inspired my own, but clearly they were using a very early version of Gravatar Hovercards) Thanks for any insights.

But it was enough to understand that something more is needed: you have to go to a Word Press installation and get the following files, which need to be hosted locally (at least that's what WP does...): — I'm not sure if this is used by the Gravatar Hovercard itself, or only if the WP site has a 'grofile' inside a widget. The of class replacement and adding fancy things which allegedly will then be able to integrate better into the Gravatar Hovercards main code (remember, the picture used to get slightly larger and slightly rotated when the mouse is hovering over it; so the code needs to deal with those things, too; although I guess that's all CSS3 Animations; and in the mean time, Automattic has changed that for loading some CSS and JS (which confused me, because I was overriding the CSS to get a higher z-index, which was being ignored...

since my own call was at the bottom of the '', and Gravatar Hovercards put ( at ( at ( at Object.attach_profiles ( at ( at HTMLDocument. Deferred.exception Hook @ js:2 js:2 Uncaught Type Error: a.parent(...)is not a function at HTMLImage Element.

If i'm not mistaken, I believe you can only use the avatars that are game-borne. EA/Origin don't want another thing to police language and content so they got Wordpress to do it. Just add email addresses if you need/want to use different avatars on different sights. Until then, There must be no regrets, No tears, No anxieties.

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The Gravatar Developer Resources show how to grab not only the image (and there are already over a 1000 questions here on SO about how to grab it...) but also several other fields.That's not what I want; I want to use the Word Press.Here is what I figured out so far: Automattic calls 'Gravatar Profiles' grofiles.x GET A FREE EMAIL COURSE ON WEB DEVELOPMENT Sign up now to get a free 8-part email course on learning web development.This will also ensure you get updates about the Ruby on Rails Tutorial and related products (such as the Learn Enough to Be Dangerous series of tutorials).It would be just a question of getting the styling correctly...

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