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As said, by manually hacking Automattic's code, I can get it working, but surely I'm doing something wrong... I would rather just use direct links to images or uploads directly. Everyone should have at least two email addresses to deal with the realities of the internet. Just go forward in all your beliefs, And prove to me I am not mistaken in [email protected] has also given a practical example in PHP to show how to extract those fields.And of course there are a trillion 'hovercard' libraries out there, so by extracting those fields and pushing them onto one of those libraries would neatly solve the trick.I have found sites that I have registered to and they use Gravatar so the one I have here appears there as well and I personally do not like to use my BF Avatar for other sites. So the fact that if more sites use Gravatar then our chances to personalize our Avatars from site to site goes away. Personally I think a site using it boils down to either money or laziness. From what I understand is that for Gravatar to work you need a Word Press Account and that account needs to use the same Email address that Gravatar is using as its primary. I'm a Volunteer Forum Moderator and any views and opinions I share are mine and mine only..They either get paid to use Gravatar, which by the way is actually part of Word and owned by Automattic, or designers of this site are to lazy to design a system themselves to use for their own site. Posts that are not blue posted do not officially represent EA/DICE nor their affiliates.It would be just a question of getting the styling correctly...and be patient enough to change the styling to be in sync with whatever Automattic might be changing it to.

(the answer is ; Google found at least two other people working with obscure apps which have managed to implement that, and their work inspired my own, but clearly they were using a very early version of Gravatar Hovercards) Thanks for any insights.

If you use Word Press and have Jetpack with Gravatars enabled, you can also enable Gravatar Hovercards — a consistent way of showing user data (that they have voluntarily introduced at across all WP platforms.

The Gravatar Developer Resources show how to grab not only the image (and there are already over a 1000 questions here on SO about how to grab it...) but also several other fields.

It’s been an exciting few months for us since we’ve taken on the role of helping Gravatar grow.

We’ve been doing a lot of work to get those gears turning, and set things up for some serious forward motion.

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