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Karen* wrote asking for advice about how to relate to her Jewish boyfriend. But I also believe that the Jews are God's chosen people." That is a common view among so many Christians. Biblical beliefs about salvation, as held by followers of Jesus, are a category of dogmas – religious truths.

Jewishness is one nationality with the category of ethnicity.

Other leaders don't think intermarried couples deserve focused attention because they are ...

A lot of what we understand as culture is formed by memories.

" There is no debate that Jewish intermarriage scares some people as a potential threat to Jewish survival.

However, our concern is for Jewish-Gentile couples, and their children, who find themselves living in relational frustration amidst a cross-cultural complex set of misunderstandings.

We are often asked, "What do you mean by Jewish-Gentile couples?

Isn’t Jewish Intermarriage in America the hot topic today?

Passover is one of the three most significant memorial events on the Jewish calendar [i]. When Chuck and Jo got married, they didn't have very many models ...

One study asked Jewish-Gentile couples to describe their greatest challenges.

Among the most commonly reported barriers was in their effort to find spiritual harmony.

Are you part of the dramatic change taking place in the North American Jewish community in the last 25 years?

More than 50% of all Jewish weddings are Jewish-Gentile marriages, and over 70% of all Jewish romantic partnerships are with Gentiles.

Gentiles often describe traditionalist but non-observant Jews as "not really Jewish, because they don't practice their religion." However, millions of American Jews—almost two-thirds—see themselves as Jewish by ethnicity and even by religion, without any formal adherence to Judaism.

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