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~~~ If people concentrated on the REALLY important things in life…. I’ve gone fishin’ If wishes were fishes, we’d have a fish fry. ~~~ Early to bed Early to rise Fish all day Tell big lies ~~~ FISH: an animal that grows the fastest between the time it’s caught and the time the fisherman describes it to his friends. Early to bed…early to rise…fish all day…make up lies. Being able to make your partner laugh is fun, it can bring you closer together and can get you through the rocky times. There’s nothing wrong with being sarcastic about yourself, your life, your surroundings, etc. However, once you point the sarcastic arrow at your partner, you need to be very careful before you let the jokes fly. He took a few gentle jabs at me on the car ride to dinner and it was funny (ish). The main thing with sarcasm is choosing your target.

~~~ A fisherman is a jerk on one end of the line waiting for a jerk on the other. ~~~ Fishy, fishy in the brook, get your hiney on my hook ! ~~~ Fisherman’s Prayer Lord help me to catch a fish so large that even I in the tell of it never need to lie… ~~~ Fishy, fishy in the brook, come and bite my dainty hook. (seen on a quilt in an Alaskan gift shop) ~~~ Fishing isn’t a matter of life and death…. ~~~ Fishy, fishy in the brook, Papa catch him on a hook, Mama fry him in a pan, Baby eat him like a man. She enjoys short walks on long piers, pierogies and making people laugh.

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