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Download, complete, print out and sign the Application Packet (computer writeable and saveable PDF format).

Be sure to insert information about intended Major (program of study) where requested in the application using the appropriate list: 2.

"Impacted" means that student demand for classes exceeds what can be accommodated.

If you want to study Business Administration (Accounting, Finance, Information Decision Systems, Management, Marketing,) Communications, Journalism; Television, Film, and New Media, or any of the other impacted programs listed on the web page above, enrolling in upper division classes in your major at SDSU will be challenging.

In light of this situation, exchange students may not enroll exclusively in classes in the impacted programs.

Some departments have special requirements; for example, they may require students to submit a portfolio (as in the case of some Art programs and Television, Film, and New Media) or audition (e.g., Music, Dance and Theater) before they can be accepted to the major or take classes in that program.

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Contact the International Student Center to learn about opportunities available for you to talk about your home country while you're here in San Diego!You will receive your Red ID (student identification number) and information about how to set up your SDSU Web Portal account.While you are waiting for notification of your acceptance to San Diego State University, please review the following: Please note that if you are planning to live on-campus, the residence halls open after the required International Student Orientation Week.In order to attend San Diego State University on an exchange program, your home institution must have a formal, bilateral student exchange agreement with San Diego State University.Check with the exchange coordinator in the International Programs Office at your university to determine whether such an agreement is in place.We encourage you to submit your application as early as possible!

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