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The SDSU coordinator will send an acknowledgement of receipt of the application to the Coordinator at your university.You will be advised if other documents or clarifications will be needed.Read departmental information carefully regarding requirements and pre-requisites for specific courses.

Meet with your exchange coordinator to discuss your university: If your university does not have a student exchange agreement with SDSU, you are not eligible for this type of exchange program.Download, complete, print out and sign the Financial Statement Form for Exchange Students (PDF format) gather any supporting financial documents necessary. Submit the completed Application Packet (and required documents) together with the Financial Statement Form (and required financial documents) to your International Exchange Programs Coordinator for signature and forwarding to San Diego State University.If you are a graduate student, please remember to include bachelors degree and all university transcripts.Exchange Students are not eligible for any financial support from SDSU.For complete information about on-campus, off-campus and Academic Training for J1 students refer to: J1 Visa Holders Employment If you have completed these steps, proceed to our "I Have Been Admitted" section.We encourage you to submit your application as early as possible!

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