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- Be the man you want to be while living the life you want to live. Devastating to have my plans snatched away from me. July 10th: Visit Project Las Vegas, meet the guru and house owner there as well as some of the guys. Fr Aug 17th: Ow Sat Aug 18th: This Gorgeous Romanian woman had been pestering about going to a Hawaiian/Polynesian Festival in Long Beach with her. We went to the 2nd street strip after for dinner and cocktails. Headed up to Culver City to meet another wing who had two girls with him and more cocktails. I will be at this Way of the Superior Man meetup then I will head over to the latest iteration of Project Hollywood for a free "Game Acceleration" seminar. My friend is leaving town and moving back home for a while. This is going on all weekend Fri-Sun if you're looking for something to do. Watching guys start from not having a life or being socially retarded to having an enviable lifestyle and being more socially normal. When I hear their program it totally makes sense to me and I decide that I should probably take advantage of my suddenly open calendar and my burning desire to master myself and my social skills to move to Las Vegas and work their system. Be Genuine So many things to do, so little time to post... There's no link for this but if you want to go message me and I'll send you details. Thurs Aug 30th: pm Santa Ana NLP communications class here Fri Aug 31: 8pm near LAX. Naturally we're kidnapping him and throwing him a rager before he leaves forever. I had considered getting rid of them all but I love my books. Monday July 30th: AWE Number Closing & Text Game Workshop ... Have to make a decision next week if I borrow money to go to Las Vegas or stay in LA so this is as far as my plans go for the moment. - Be the man you want to be while living the life you want to live. July 21: Go out to Santa Monica with RD who meets up with his day 2. I argue ineffectively for a few minutes, it's bad, my emotions are out of control.

Others free speed dating chicago catholic to give the job a lot easier.July 14: Head to San Diego to clean up the house I'd been staying in down there and hit up the Gas Lamp for the Comic Con aftermath. A girl I met at the Farmers Market shows up (let's call her Nice Girl), we party and kiss then go our separate ways. Fri Aug 10th: 9pm Hollywood Club Scene Sat Aug 11th: I'll be in Norco helping my sister with her horse party Sun Aug 12th: 2pm Sherman Oaks What is Sexual Tension to Women? 212/...8pm Hollywood Learn to Connect with Women Seminar Artof Charm-LA/ ... I don't usually do one-on-one dates over food but we seriously talk for over three hours and then decide to do something crazy when we both realize it's been three hours and we are both nearly late for our events later this evening. After dinner a few of us go back to my house where we hang, play some music and then some poker. Check arrives in the mail but it's only half what they owe me. Tues Aug 7th: 10pm Saddle Ranch Hollywood Wed Aug 8th: 8pm Costa Mesa Phone Game seminar ... I screw up and tell her I think I like her...bitch slap myself after but it was a lot of fun. As soon as my friends leave Nice Girl jumps my bones. I call them and they say no worries your new invoices aren't in the system yet but we'll get you next week. So I'm still in LA and looking at another kick ass week! This is a value building exercise plus it's a lot of fun! Ethnic women and i thought have had through it all at once.

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