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I have been wanting to do this post from past few days. Isn’t it always confusing what blush to match with which lipstick.

I follow just one rule – match your lipstick shade with the blush shade. You can pick a tone of your lip color and work your blush color around that. well, there are always exceptions but this tip is pretty much fool proof.

There is an obvious difference between the plastic bag tax and talk about a return scheme for plastic bottles.

The plastic bag you were given by the supermarket was unused. So the soft drinks manufacturers would have to take a break from thinking of new products to make us even fatter and devise effective ways of cleaning the receptacles they expect us to put to our lips.

But it is a lot harder to shoot someone if you can’t get access to a gun.

Something similar is true with the soft drinks industry.

In 1992, a freight ship crossing the Pacific from the factories of China to the toyshops of Seattle ran into a storm.

It is high time that mealy-mouthed ministers took themselves off for a little more refreshment, in the hope that it might give them the guts to tell the soft drinks industry that some things matter more than the bottom line of the balance sheets of multinational corporations. The manufacturers of plastic bags fought tooth and nail to prevent the Government forcing shops to introduce a 5p charge, so that customers used fewer of them.

The story’s worth repeating, because plastic ducks are funny. But, for some reason, we don’t seem to notice plastic bottles so much, not least because they are transparent.

Yet take a walk on a beach almost anywhere and you are certain to find them.

But cleanliness is surely intrinsic to their business and it might even turn out to be cheaper to make new containers from recycled plastic than from scratch.

Recycling bottles surely cannot defeat the wits of an industry which took Del Boy Trotter’s idea of bottling tap water and used it to make a fortune. Coca-Cola bottled tap water in Sidcup and called it ‘Dasani’. Individual bottles of ‘natural’ water and fizzed-up sugared water sell for about £1.

If people are stupid enough to pay those sort of prices for a product they could get from the tap for a fraction of a penny, then they are certainly able to cope with the extra few pennies which might be necessary for the recycling process — and which you would get back if you return your bottle and claim the deposit. When old codgers talk about children 60 years ago eagerly collecting discarded soft-drink bottles, and ask why the tradition cannot be revived, they ignore one crucial element.

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