Elucidating the structure


These latter techniques become all the more important when the molecules contain metal atoms, and when the crystals required by crystallography or the specific atom types that are required by NMR are unavailable to exploit in the structure determination.

Finally, more specialized methods such as electron microscopy are also applicable in some cases.

The CNP was synthesised from microwave-assisted pyrolysis of citric acid (CA) and 1,2-ethylenediamine (EDA).

Results from these studies will provide insight into the mechanisms of RNA-based epigenetic regulation and serves as a starting point in the development of ? probes that target histone methylation regulators in a pathway-specific manner.

Telomeres are tightly regulated in order to maintain chromosomal stability; misregulation of ribonucleic acid (RNA) - protein interactions at telomeres can lead to degenerative disorders and cancer.

To date, three structured water layers have been observed in AFM over assembled biomolecules, but only two water layers have been observed on mica.

Moreover, the single force curve measured in (b) was taken in only one second and was not averaged, demonstrating one of the most sensitive AFM measurements of water structure to date. To learn about additional applications, click here.

LSD1 also interacts with many RNA molecules involved in cell differentiation and can function to regulate conserved RNA-mediated repressor complexes in the cell.

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