Educational films teenage dating 1950 s


Teenagers are presented with many bad temptations and if they have not learned right from wrong and developed the moral fiber to make the correct decisions, they will do many things that are bad for them. This film discusses these issues and role plays ways teens can avoid succumbing to peer pressure while still maintaining a friendship with the people pushing the bad behaviors on them.

Producer: Coronet Instructional Films Audio/Visual: Sound, Black & White Run time: Learn the secrets of dating. It will teach you how to choose the right girl, how to ask her out on a date, what to do on the date so she will like you enough to go out with you again and how to handle the all important good night scenario.

Producer: Coronet Instructional Films Audio/Visual: Sound, Color Run time: Demonstrates the changes that boys and girls go through during adolescence.

It has a variety of graphics to help explain the changes and how each part of the body interacts with and is affected by other parts of the body during this turbulent time.

This DVD contains a collection of vintage sex education films that were shown in schools in the 1940's and 1950's to teach children about sex and issues related to relationships.Looking back them from today's perspective, they are in many instances quite humorous but they also still contain good information and lessons for youth.This film explores the sexual maturity of boys during puberty.We see that Elaine gracefully slips her dress off, while Trixie kicks her shoes off and scratches herself all over.The narrator congratulates Elaine on her abilities as a master of undressing and gets nervous at certain points, dumbfounded at her sex appeal.The goal of was to help parents and caretakers to train mentally disabled people to stop themselves from masturbating in public, getting pregnant unexpectedly, or contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

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