Eclipse stop validating links


As we start using our eclipse setup more and more we require even more set of plugins to be productive.This is quite natural, however having a lot of plugins in one eclipse setup makes it a really fat application with a lot of things to be done at the same time.At times you may be stuck with a badly written plugin that may affect whole of you eclipse setup.It is very obvious that this powerful tool can do a lot of things for us.A lot of people do not know that Eclipse is a multi language general-purpose platform. It's also commonly used as an application framework, and as development platform for popular languages like PHP, C/C , Perl, Ruby, Python and shell scripting.Eclipse has a large plugin repository with really powerful set of plugins.

I've tested a similar scenario that works fine on the current prerelease version. Problem 4 Project - Validation, Validation Builder to Project selected, open Remove this line: cust Number ID #REQUIRED Save the file. Remove the line: cust Number ID #REQUIRED Save the dtd file I'd expect the file to show as not valid, but this has to be done manually by right clicking on the file and choosing "Validate XML File" Similar problem occurs with schemas, eg remove the Book Type, publisher element in Below are some of hard learned tricks that may help you with eclipse slowness.I had the same problems with the example that came with WST. The dtd file is not validated, despite having Project - Add validation builder to project to be selected, can't this be the default. I can't raise the bug report right now, but this is what would put in it: I'm using Eclipse 3.1.2 and WST v1.0.2v200604280000. Select Project - Validation Tick "Override Validation Properties" Tick "Run Validation when you manually build XMLExamples" Tick "Run validation automatically when you save changes to XMLExamples resources" Press OK Open Problem 2 Undo does not work in the xsd editor Design tab. If you are using a older version you may want to try the latest version first to see its performance.

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