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Will be using default parameters for DB creation Please enter the 'SYSASM' password : (During deployment we set the SYSASM password to 'welcome1'): Please re-enter the 'SYSASM' password: INFO: 2015-08-05 : Installing a new home: Ora Db12102_home3 at /u01/app/oracle/product/ Please select one of the following for Database type [1 ..

3]: 1 = Example 13-3 SUDO Example 2: Allow a User to Perform Only Selected ODACLI Operations To configure SUDO to allow a user to perform only selected ODACLI operations, add lines to the commands section in the $ sudo /opt/oracle/dcs/bin/odacli describe-appliance Appliance Information ---------------------------------------------------------------- ID: a977bb04-6cf0-4c07-8e0c-91a8c7e7ebb8 Platform: Odalite L Data Disk Count: 6 CPU Core Count: 20 Created: October 24, 2017 AM HDT System Information ---------------------------------------------------------------- Name: rwsodal001 Domain Name: Time Zone: America/Adak DB Edition: EE DNS Servers: 10.2 10.2 NTP Servers: Disk Group Information ---------------------------------------------------------------- DG Name Redundancy Percentage ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------ Data Normal 90 Reco Normal 10 Example 13-4 Configuring the First Network This command ensures that the system is available in the network, enabling you to manage the deployment through the Oracle Appliance Manager Web Console.

If you do not set up user equivalency and configure SSH on each server, then you are prompted to provide the root password for each server during database creation.

The server and media gateways are registered to main site - there is only one so I have nothing to compare to. Check to make sure the LSP is not running a newer CM release or using newer patches than the main. Also verify licensing is in order on both servers using statuslicense -v.The # odacli create-database -h Usage: create-database [options] Options: * --adminpassword, -m Password for SYS, SYSTEM and PDB Admin --backupconfigid, -bi Backup Config ID --cdb, -c Create Container Database (Inverse option: --no-cdb/-no-c) --characterset, -cs Character Set (default: AL32UTF8) Default: AL32UTF8 --database Unique Name, -u database unique name --dbclass, -cl Database Class EE: OLTP/DSS/IMDB, SE: OLTP Default: OLTP --dbconsole, -co Enable Database Console (Inverse option: --no-dbconsole/-no-co) --dbhomeid, -dh Database Home ID (Use Existing DB Home) --dblanguage, -l Datbase Language (default: AMERICAN) Default: AMERICAN * --dbname, -n Database Name --dbshape, -s Database Shape Default: odb1 --dbstorage, -r Database Storage Default: ACFS --dbterritory, -dt Database Territory (default: AMERICA) Default: AMERICA --dbtype, -y Database Type: SI Default: SI --help, -h get help --instanceonly, -io Create Instance Only (For Standby) --json, -j json output --nlscharacterset, -ns NLS Character Set (default: AL16UTF16) Default: AL16UTF16 --no-cdb, -no-c Won't create Container Database (Inverse option: --cdb/-c) --no-dbconsole, -no-co Disable Database Console (Inverse option: --dbconsole/-co) --pdbadmin, -d Pluggable Database Admin User --pdbname, -p Pluggable Database Name --version, -v Database Version Allowing Root User Access Using SUDO In environments where system administration is handled by a different group than database administration, or where security is a significant concern, you may want to limit access to the Example 13-2 SUDO Example 1: Allow a User to Perform Any ODACLI Operation This example shows how to configure SUDO to enable a user to perform any ODACLI operation.You do this by adding lines to the commands section in the Note: Before database creation, you must set up user equivalency with SSH for the root user on each server.-w: wait for results -s: run silently -f: sync files (default behavior) -t: timesync files (sync if new timestamp) -i: inhibit sync (temporary) -d: disable sync -e: enable sync -v: verbose output for queries -q: query status of most recent sync -Q : query status of translation sync number NUM to servers of type TYPE. Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Msdn Web site.This option is not needed to display component details on single node systems.

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