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They were linked to at least 3 murders in Florida and suspected of alot more in NYC.

Where any of this crew ever made into the Gambinos?

Their seem to be several witness murders committed by this crew from New York to Florida and anytime they could get their hands on someone who was informing that person ended up alligator food.

what do we know about the murders attributed to them?

The only reason the prosecutor is alive is because one member broke ranks and let them know.

They also had streetgang names and considered themselves the young guns outside of the mafia--like the street gangs of Los Angelos who work independently from OC.

Sort of like "farm teams" in major league baseball.

If you’re a man, there’s nothing you can do about it if you’re size is just small, that’s just what you’re born with.

And if they tell you it doesn’t, I think they’re telling a lie.

We tried adding and subtracting features, and that helped. “Our product really doesn’t add any more value to user #100,000,000 than it did to user #1.”At that moment, the importance of “network effects” was seared into our brains.

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