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Let’s discuss what makes Some people with little knowledge even think that Belarus is a “made up” country.

In fact, Belarusian nation has always been distinct. (Don’t confuse with Most ladies from Minsk are quite tall and keep a straight posture.

However, it’s over 25 years since the Soviet Union collapsed and its 15 republics became independent countries.

For the last quarter of a century, the former republics acquired distinct features and differences, along with historical variations.

Russia is a much larger country, which includes 86 various subjects, including some national republics that are larger than France.

As such, Russians often have mixed heritage with some portion of Asian genotype. The typical Minsk or Gomel lady has light hair (blonde or light brown), blue eyes, and a round face with plump lips and a snub nose. There are also some women who have dark hair and larger noses, especially in villages.

These wonderful women are truly the hidden jewels of Russia. I'm an engineer oriented, tech-loving, but social person.Maybe you are curious about East European women and are wondering which country in East Europe has the most beautiful and attractive women.Foreigners often confuse republics of the former Soviet Union.Westerns typically call all ladies from the ex-USSR “Russian”.Hi, Im Marina and Its a pleasure for me to get to know nice people. I'm looking for a kind, honest, able to love a man,to whom I will give all the warmth of my heart.

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