Dating someone with multiple sclerosis


Because current MS disease-modifying medications cannot be used while you're pregnant or while you're trying to get pregnant, the main concern is the time you spend trying to get pregnant.During this time, you can't be on MS medication and the chance of relapses increases. If you're the parent with MS, you may not have the energy to fulfill all your parenting tasks as you'd like to.

For example, cognitive symptoms can lead to miscommunication, misunderstandings, and tension in your marriage. By recognizing memory loss, confusion, fatigue, and the other invisible MS symptoms as a consequence of the disease, your partner can become more understanding and accepting.

You should both be well-informed about the latest therapies and potentially helpful complementary/alternative approaches to addressing MS symptoms too.

Having this information ready can help in a time of crisis.

You may consider developing a short explanation of MS and why it impacts your life.

It's important to remember too that people don’t usually mean to be insensitive, they're just simply not well-informed.

In addition, medical care, medications, and other necessities may impose added costs for you.

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